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Roberto Berdecio
Born October 20, 1910 in Sucre, Bolivia.
Berdecio's father was a diplomat and author. Berdecio completed primary school in Argentina. On completing high school, he worked for four years in an insurance company, after which he began to paint. Since 1930, he has devoted himself exclusively to painting; he is self-taught.
Upon his return to Bolivia, he travelled throughout the country, as far as Matto Grosso, Brazil, painting and studying the country and its people. Returning from this journey in 1932, he held his first exhibition of painting in La Paz. 1934: came to Mexico City and joined L.E.A.R.. 1936: went to New York, along with Luis Arenal, as one of Mexico's delegates to the First Panamerican Congress of Artists against War and Fascism. He remained in New York and organized the Experimental Workshop of Modern Techniques in Art, with David Alfaro Siqueiros, Luis Arenal and Antonio Pujol.

1938: painted two murals in the Workers' Liberary, New York City. 1940: Guggenheim Fellowship awarded for new uses of perspective and new concepts of space in painting. Mural painting in the Spanish Center, Fresno, California. 1941: returned to Mexico where he made portable mural paintings for meetings. 1944: travelled to Peru and Bolivia and was a delegate to the Congress of Latin-American Confederation of Labor, in Cali, Columbia. 1945: taught a course in painting at Sarah Lawrence College, New York. 1946: returned to Mexico.

Solo exhibitions: 1939 - Delphic Studios, New York City
1940 - Raymond Galleries, Los Angeles
1941 - Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.
Berdecio has collaborated with T.G.P. since 1947 and has been a member since early in 1948. He is a founding member of the 'Sociedad para el Impulso de las Artes Plasticas,' Mexico.