The Illustrated Enemy
graphic art in wartime

Sue Coe

9/11 Aftermath
students at Parsons School of Design respond

Unknown Secrets:
Art and
the Rosenberg Era

Incidentes melodicos del mundo irracional

Taller de Gráfica Popular

The Wind That
Swept Mexico

El Indio
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Y no hay remedio [And there is no remedy]
#15 from Francisco de Goya's The Disasters of the War at the New York Public Library Digital Gallery

"The world economy is the most efficient expression of organized crime. The international bodies that control currency, trade, and credit practice international terrorism against poor countries, and against the poor of all countries, with a cold-blooded professionalism that would make the best of the bomb throwers blush."
Eduardo Galeano from Upside Down: a primer for the looking glass world, Picador, 1998. Translated by Mark Fried, 2000. p. 6.
View of Dusk at the End of the Century

Poisoned is the earth that inters or deters us.
There is no air, only despair; no breeze, only sleaze.
No rain, except acid rain.
No parks, just parking lots.
No partners, only partnerships.
Companies instead of citizens.
Agglomerations instead of cities.
No people, only audiences.
No relations except public relations.
No visions, just televisions.
To praise a flower, say: "It looks plastic."
. . . from Upside Down, p. 226

Tusche, Tone & Stone

19th C. News

Hugo Gellert
'Capital' in lithographs

Franco's Black Spain

Winter Soldiers:

A story of a conspiracy
against the schools

Art Under Duress
El Salvador 1980-present

of a Melody

A Political

Scout Report Selection