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Who is Sue Coe and why should I buy her prints?
Sue Coe is a keen observer, a 'graphic witness' to realities more often overlooked or avoided. She is a journalist who uses printed images in preference to words. For a quarter century she has explored factory farming, meat packing, aparteid, sweat shops, prisons, AIDS, and most recently, war. Her commentary on political events and social injustice is published in newspapers, magazines and books. The results of her investigations are hung in museum and gallery exhibitions and form an essential part of personal fine print collections by artists and activists alike. Coe paintings and prints are auctioned as fund raisers for a variety of progressive causes, and since 1998, she has sold prints here to benefit animal rights organizations. Currently, she sells work to benefit In Defense of Animals and United Poultry Concerns.

All prints are published by the artist in conjunction with Steve Murray, printer shown here examining a proof of Upper and Lower Primates from The Tragedy of War print cycle All images copyright © Sue Coe

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