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Synopsis: Pit's Letter describes the journeys taken both together and separately by a boy and his dog. The boy grows up to be a biology student and a scientist; he and the dog are unwillingly parted; they will meet again, but only after the dog has become a laboratory subject and the scientist has been fatally infected with a "hot" virus.

The cycle depicted in Pit's Letter pays homage to a 1751 series by William Hogarth (1697-1764): The Four Stages of Cruelty.

puppy moth It's a Wonderful Life She smells bad religion says it's OK classroom ambition Boys will be boys
fight to the death winner takes all Not a good hunting dog animal control refuse dogs flick of a switch The Abandoned
Eden Biotechnologies Ltd. empathy dreams primate lab testing on prisoners resurrected for science cross your heart and hope to die
found infection animal therapy autopsy the end It's Cold and They Want Their Coats Back organman

Second Millenium

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2nd Millenium

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