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Tusche, tone and stone: 19th C. news illustration

Victor Gillam: 1892 Election Campaign

In 1871, the Tammany Hall Democratic Party machine as run by William Marcy Tweed was toppled by Thomas Nast's illustrations in the pages of Harper's Weekly.
Tweed was long gone by 1892, but despite the battering it had taken, the Tammany machine still lumbered on. This image by Victor Gillam illustrates the fate of earlier politicians and campaigns, including Cleveland's unsuccessful 1888 campaign, where Tammany support proved fatal. The gravedigger, beckoning the Cleveland supporters is Richard Croker (1841-1922), leader of Tammany Hall, 1886-1902, and described as the 'unofficial dictator of New York' City by Compton's Encyclopedia.
Road to the White House 1884-1896