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Francisco Mora
Born May 7, 1922 in Urapan, Michoacan. Father a musician, mother a weaver.
1928-32: Primary school in Uruapan and Morelia, Michoacan.

Dining room, 1942

1933-35: Technical School of Industry in Morelia.
1936-40: La Huerta Regional Rural School, Michoacan. There he began to draw and paint.

The Showers, 1944
1942-44: Attended school of Painting and Sculpture (Esmerelda) in Mexico City. During his first yea of studies, he also worked as a house painter.

My first impression of the city of Mexico, 1941

1941: Joined TGP.
Currently (1949) works in lithography, woodcut and painting, and participates in group exhibitions with other TGP artists; has made illustrations for books, magazine and newspapers, and posters for trade unions.

Married to Elizabeth Catlett, American artist and has a son.