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Antonio Pujol
Born 1914 in Chalco, in the State of Mexico. Pujol was the son of campesinos (peasants), and as a child, worked as a shepherd. 1929: arrived in Mexico City and enrolled in the San Carlos Academy. 1933-1937: member of L.E.A.R. 1935: like Angel Bracho, Pujol painted frescoes in the Abelardo Rodriguez Market, Mexico City. 1936: along with Luis Arenal and Roberto Berdecio, Pujol was a delegate to the first Panamerican Congress of Artists Against War and Fascism, held in New York City. He remained in New York, and with Siquieros, Arenal and Berdecio, organized the Experimental Workshop in Painting.

left: Peasant boy, 1938.

1937: joined the International Brigades in Republican Spain. Upon his return to Mexico, he joined T.G.P. 1939: painted mural in building of Electrical Workers's Union, Mexico City, along with Siqueiros, Arenal and Renau. He has lived in South American since 1940.