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In times of great emergency, men must restate their fundamental principles that they may serve as guides to intelligent  action. We, therefore, pledge our devotion and energetic efforts in behalf of the following credo. . .

We believe that America, more than ever before, needs an expanding system of free public education, in keeping with the resources and democratic traditions of the richest nation on earth. The children of America must learn through experience the full meaning of the democratic way of life.

We believe that full educational, vocational and cultural opportunities must be afforded to all children without discrimination because of color, creed, or social status.

We believe that teachers must have complete academic freedom to search for and to teach the truth, if they are to develop enlightened youth able to cope with democracy’s problems.

We believe that teachers are citizens. They must be guaranteed the same full freedom of private belief and public action guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights to all citizens.

We believe that we can make American democracy strong only by making America’s children stronger. America cannot afford to deny to any of its children adequate nutrition, proper medical care and healthful homes.

We believe that it is our duty to frustrate any attempts which seek to lower the living standards of the American people, to curb their liberties or to threaten their peace.

This credo we can realize through the united efforts of all men who believe in education for democracy.

Education is Democracy’s first line of defense.

MERWIN K. HART:  “. . . if you find any organization containing the word ‘democracy’ it is probably directly or indirectly affiliated with the Communist Party.”