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Under cover of the hysteria which they spread like a black and threatening pall all over the country, those men who want to destroy the schools are doing their work.

Fascism in America wants to burn the books: the books that say free speech and civil rights and the right to organize and the right to free worship and the right to believe in the Constitution and the 14th Amendment and all the other rights that we’ve been taught the word America means.

They want to make sure that in the world they are out to make, your child will learn history as they want it learned, that teachers will teach what they want taught, and the only books read will be written by their hired men.

That’s the program, borrowed lock, stock and barrel—from Hitler. But the language is different. They don’t call it fascism and destruction. They call it defending the schools from “subversive elements.”


That’s something to be concerned about, isn’t it, Mr. Jones?

Harry Sternberg