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Illustration by Adolph Münzer from Simplicissimus, 4 July 1896


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Amnesty Int'l USA Books Through Bars, 4722 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19143: 215-724-1424
Donations of books to prisoners, "Books Through Bars is a non-profit entity affiliated with New Society Publishers in Philadelphia, which publishes works on nonviolent social change." Dylan Foley, The Progressive, October 1996: p. 15

Salon magazine September 1, 1998 feature article LOCKED UP IN AMERICA | slaves to the System by Nina Siegal. Women in prison, the first of a series of articles in Salon about the American prison system. Illustrated by Sue Coe.

Resistant Strains is an artist's collective that has developed a series of political posters taking on the critical issues of contemporary prison life, as noted in the October 1998 issue of The Progressive (p. 15).