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Illustration by Th. Th. Heine, from Simplicissimus, 22 August 1896

United for a Fair Economy research library, with further links to census material, 'The Wealth Gap', 'Income Inequality' and much more.

Hope's Edge, the new Diet for a Small Planet by Frances and Anna Lappé -- a must read resource! See also Small Planet Fund

Green Money Journal -- socially responsible investing

Sustainable Development -- information from the United Nations, with search capabilities for articles on poverty, welfare, cost of living, etc.

Federal poverty guidelines

Economic Democracy Information Network

Information scrap
Business Week, June 29, 1998 reports a Canadian study in the Monthly Labor Review by Michael C. Wolfson and Brian B. Murphy. The income gap between the richest and poorest segments of the Canadian population, between 1970-1995, was not as wide as the same measure in the United States for this time period. In short, the inequity among Canadians is less than that among Americans. "In particular, real disposable incomes of the bottom 10% of families have improved appreciably in Canada and deteriorated in the U.S. At the same time, incomes of the top 10% of families have surged in the U.S. and lagged in Canada," and this doesn't take into account the financial benefits Canadians derive from their universal health coverage.
[reported in Business Week by Gene Korentz]

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